2 Transdermal Sore / Achy Muscle Relief Patches + 750 MG Nano CBD Drink Mix


2 Transdermal Sore / Achy Muscle Relief Patches + 750mg NANO CBD Drink Mix

Our Apex Chakra Therapeutics full spectrum water soluble powder is a Nano technology based water soluble powder application derived from Non-GMO and Organic Hemp grown in the USA. Our hemp powder is formulated from full spectrum hemp oil distillate containing broad spectrum cannabinoids including Cannabidiol (CBD) level 100 mg .g.  Our Nano full spectrum hemp powder (NFSHP) can be added to beverages, smoothies and other liquids without causing any alteration in taste or appearance. Our Nano full spectrum is manufactured in conformity with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meets or exceeds all Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Our product is Non-GMO, certified Kosher, NSF certified and compliant with FDA and cGMP.

Cannabinoid Profile

 Analyte                                               %                            mg/g

CBD                                        9.543                     95.43

CBDV                                     .025                        .25

CBN                                       .049                        .49

CBG                                        .023                        .23

CBC                                        .077                        .77

THC                                        N/D                        N/D

Total CBD                            9.543                     95.43

Ingredients:  full spectrum oil containing full spectrum of plant-based cannabinoids (CBD), Instantized Emulsifier and Starch.

Technology:  The bioactivity and bioavailability of 1 mg is equivalent to 100 mg of regular CBD. Due to the particle size and nanometer being under the traditional 100x micron size, our nanometer size is 1000x smaller. This allows for greater efficacy of the molecules in absorption and assimilation making this more effective for all types of health and wellness support. Our technology creates increased cellular uptake into the body of under 30 seconds.







Convenient and easy to use, this premium transdermal patches + 750 mg Nano CBD are formulated to help with the toughest sore and achy muscles, discomfort and anxious feelings and distress.

  • Packed with premium CBD.
  • Lab tested 0% THC.
  • Help with sore and achy muscles and joints.
  • Help with toughest discomforts.
  • Help with intensive stiffness and sore muscles.
  • Help with strains, bruises & sprains.
  • Help with anxious feelings, stress & tension.